WMAS Winter Postal League (indoor)

The WMAS winter league consists of 24 clubs from the West Midlands region competing in 2 divisions; we are currently in division 1. Archers shoot a Portsmouth and each club enters 2 teams; team A is made up of the top 5 ‘made’ scores and team B of the top 5 ‘handicap-adjusted’ scores so an archer can appear on both teams. The club total is the combined score for the two teams and a league table based on the cumulative scores is issued after each match. At the end of the season the 2 teams at the bottom of division 1 are relegated and the winner and runner-up of division 2 are promoted. Compound archers can be included in the teams but their ‘made’ scores are adjusted according to a set formula to give them parity with recurves.


  • Portsmouth