Taster Sessions

There are no taster sessions on the RLSAS calendar at the moment. Please continue to look here, where new dates and any other changes will be posted.

Taster sessions are “open days” when non-archers are given the chance to shoot a bow and arrow to see if this is the sport for you.

You will be able to shoot a minimum of a dozen arrows, and if it is busy you can rejoin the queue to shoot again.

You will be able to chat with club members about the sport of archery, the types of equipment used, club membership and shooting times.


Beginners Courses

The beginners courses for 2024 are now full and RLSAS will not be running any more until 2025. If you wish to be put on a waiting list then email the beginners coordinator as below, this will get you on a list but will not guarantee you a place.

Beginners courses may be available at other clubs, to find out please go to the Archery GB Clubfinder page and enquire at the club of your choice.


A typical Beginners Course will be six hours of coaching with one of four AGB Qualified L1 or L2 coaches and the help of very experienced club archers, run over a Wednesday evening / Saturday afternoon / Wednesday evening, so it is all over in one week. All six hours of the lessons must be completed to pass and be given a Certificate, but catchup is available. There will be no more than two archers per coach and you will be instructed in all aspects of modern recurve archery, including safety, warm up/down exercises, equipment, competition and much more. All equipment will be provided by the club.

On successful completion of the course you will be invited to join RLSAS, where you can continue with free coaching at whatever pace you decide upon.

Places on the courses are limited. If you are invited to apply for one, only accept if you genuinely wish to become a member of the archery club, if not then you will be depriving someone else of the chance to join the club. These are NOT “taster sessions”.

If you wish to be kept informed about future “Beginners Courses” please contact the Beginners Co-ordinator to be added to the waiting list.

Joining RLSAS

1 – Those who have completed an RLSAS Beginners Course

If you have completed an RLSAS beginners course in the past and would like to join us you would be most welcome. Please email the membership secretary at    to leave a message and your details.

2 – Experienced Archers and those having completed a Non-RLSAS Beginners Course

We are quite happy to accept new members who are currently or have previously been members of Archery GB, and also those that have recently completed an approved AGB beginners course at another archery club.  It is important to note that it is a condition of the AGB insurance that all archers must have completed an approved beginners course.  In all situations we need to check your safety and, if you have been away from the sport for a while, your ability. So please email the lead coach  to book a time for an assessment. At the same time we can also tell you a little bit about our club and the local safety rules etc.

3 – NOTE: Anyone wishing to join RLSAS having recently completed a “Non-RLSAS Beginners Course

We always encourage archers to join the club where they completed their beginner course. The coaches at that club will know you and will be better able to advise what kit you should get. You can always join a different club the following year if you wish to.

New archers wishing to join RLSAS after completing a beginners course at another club are very welcome, but you will need to have your own kit prior to an assessment with the Club Coach – RLSAS do not provide kit for your assessment.

It is assumed that experienced archers wishing to join RLSAS will have their own kit for the assessment.

Please allow five working days for all replies.