Beginners Courses

RLSAS will not be running any beginners courses until we are settled into our new ground in 2020.

These course are always heavily over-subscribed, so if you wish to go on a waiting list for beginners courses that we may run in the future, please click on the Beginners Organiser Contact Form to leave a message and your details. We will endeavour to answer all enquiries within seven days.

Joining RLSAS

Just Finished an RLSAS Beginners Course

If you have completed an RLSAS beginners course in the past and would like to join us you would be most welcome.  Please click on the Membership Secretary Contact Form  to leave a message and your details.

Experienced Archers and Completed a Non-RLSAS Beginners Course

We are quite happy to accept new members who have previously been members of the AGB and those that have recently completed an approved beginners course.  It is important to note that it is a condition of the AGB insurance that all novice archers must have completed an approved beginners course.  In both situations we need to check your ability and as such please click on the Club Coach Contact Form to book a time for an assessment.

Please allow 7 days for a reply.

Note for Novices

Novices who have completed an RLSAS beginners course may use the club bows for a few weeks during club sessions before purchasing their own equipment.

Novice archers wishing to join RLSAS after completing a beginners course at another club will be expected to have their own kit.

Have-a-go events

As of May 2018 we will not be able to hold any Have-a-goes until further notice. This is because we will be moving to a new venue to shoot. As soon as this has happened, we will update this page and normal service will resume. We would like to thank all who have had HAG’s with us in the past and look forward to seeing you again in the future along with any other clubs, groups or organisations who wish to give archery a try.

To enquire about Group HAG’s or Drop In HAG’s that we may be running in the future please contact theĀ Have a Go