Members Only Pages

Members only pages are here where you will find Information for new members, Committee meeting minutes, Overview of the Committee and Club Championship Results and Awards.

You will need your RLSAS password to get access to this page, if you cannot remember it please contact the membership secretary


Coaching Resources & Buying Equipment

A large range of coaching resources including warm up exercises, technique advice and advice on buying your first archery kit are available here.


RLSAS Juniors objective is to allow juniors to shoot together in a friendly and fun environment whilst giving informal advice on coaching and equipment.

Junior Session

There is coaching and competitions available for club juniors on Saturday mornings from 09:45 until 12:15 at our ground.

Junior Session Program

The objective is to give coaching and advice on and checking of equipment.  We include archery fun games every week, some of which are designed by the juniors themselves. Other archery rounds which are applicable at the time are shot to suit the general programme of the club.

We offer help and advice on most archery related subjects and disciplines (and if we don’t know, we know someone who does).

Club Participation

We encourage general shooting by the juniors at other times including indoor shooting in the winter season and outdoors during the summer.

Our junior archers compete in tournaments both in the region and outside (although this is not a requirement).

If you need any further information please contact us.

Progress Awards – 252 Round

A progress award scheme is in place with appropriate rounds according to age, gender and ability.  The award scheme is run to enhance skills and technique and is overseen by coaches and experienced archers who help with the overall session. Further details about the “252 Progress Round” can be found HERE

Shooting Times for “Club Days”

All club members can shoot at the ground (subject to RLSAS rules) from sunrise to sunset on any day of the week, subject to restrictions which are in place for Sunday mornings during the Rugby Football season and others which may be put in place at short notice – so please check the calendar before starting out for the ground.

CLUB DAYS are days and times when members of the club can all meet and shoot together, either for company or to shoot a postal league round. At these time the container will also be open for new archers from RLSAS Beginners courses to have access to archery equipment and for club members to use equipment to help tune their bows and arrows.

Indoor Season (October – March inc)

Wednesdays and Fridays – Indoor shooting at Trinity School
Arrive 19:00 sharp to set up, shoot until 21:00

Saturday mornings from 09:45 – 12:15 seniors can shoot alongside juniors at the Field.

Sunday afternoons from 13:30 until dusk, shooting at the field, but keep an eye on the calendar for any changes.

League Matches – ALL archers are encouraged to shoot these friendly events

Outdoor Season (April – September inc)

When beginners classes are running (see calendar) there may be restrictions on distances club members may shoot, and you will have to shoot to beginners whistle.

Wednesdays and Fridays from 17:00 to dusk. The container will usually be opened up for new members from beginners courses to use kit.

Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 13:00 – shooting at our field, but keep an eye on the calendar for any changes.

League Matches – ALL archers are encouraged to shoot these friendly events.

Always check the RLSAS Calendar on the web site for the latest updates and please read emails which are sent out advising of any changes to the program.

Scoring & Rounds

Information on how to score. Information on target face sizes and number of arrows to shoot outdoor metric rounds, outdoor imperial rounds and indoor rounds plus the list for all AGB outdoor rounds.

Handicaps & Goals

Handicaps explained. RLSAS Indoor and Outdoor Handicaps.

Goals for recurve men under 12, under 14, under 16, under 18 and 18+.
Goals for recurve women under 12, under 14, under 16, under 18 and 18+.
Goals for compound men and women.
Goals for longbow men and women.
Goals for FITA field rounds.


Recurve, Compound, Longbow and Barebow Records.

Club Championships

Each year an indoor and outdoor club championships are held, these are open to all members and all are encouraged to compete, there are awards for both senior and juniors and also handicap awards as well as the traditional top scores in each category.

Indoor championships are a WA 18m for senior recurve and compound and Portsmouth for Longbow and Juniors. 

Outdoor championships are a St George, Albion, Windsors as suitable for ability and age.  

Clout championships are a double clout held at our ground, usually in June, if we can find a free date.  If not we will use RLSAS members results from the CWAA Clout Champs.

Field championships are a FITA field round held at our, usually in early March, or if not we will use the RLSAS members results from an away day at a field course or the results from the  CWAA Field Championships.

All championship rounds are for Seniors and Juniors and are for all bow styles.

Please keep an eye on the club calendar for dates.

Championship Results will be posted in the “Members Only” section here

Club Awards/Trophies

RLSAS awards a range of trophies each year at it’s club awards, the listing of the awards is here.

Club Awards will be posted in the “Members Only” section here

Photo Galleries

We aim to take photos of all major events held by the club and to upload the photo to the galleries are here and here.

Some Local Competitions

We encourage our members to enter open tournaments, especially the more friendly local ones. A selection of the tournaments we usually attend can be found on the Local Shoots page.

RLSAS Club Competitions

These competitions are just for members of RLSAS. More details can be found on the RLSAS Events page.

Outdoor Championships

The club outdoor championship is held in late summer and consists of St George, Albion and Windsors. The competition is open to all members of the club, both seniors and juniors of all abilities. There is a special trophy for senior Novice Archers to shoot for. Look out for the date in club calendar.

Indoor Championships

The club indoor championships are held in during the winter and are open to all members. The seniors shoot a FITA 18 and the juniors shoot a Portsmouth.

Club Leagues

The club runs an internal handicap adjusted Warwicks league shoot.  You can shoot any Warwick and submit it to the records officer and because they are handicap adjusted you could easily beat any member in the club.  It’s fun and quick so give it a go.  More information and results are available here.

Other Club Competitions

During the year we hold a variety of other competitions which are mainly for fun. We usually manage a field shoot and acouple of clouts outdoors as well as the end of season starlight shoot. Indoors we usually shoot a Worcester and a couple of fun shoots.

Postal Leagues

Postal leagues are all shot at our own ground and our scores are posted off to the organisers who collate the scores and publish the league tables. All except the BA and Selby leagues use both made scores and handicap adjusted scores, so they are suitable for archers of all abilities and all our club members are encouraged to shoot them.

WMAS Summer League

The West Midlands Archery Society Summer League consists of four different rounds shot at intervals during the Summer months. These are the Short Metrics, Westerns, Long Metrics and Nationals. We generally shoot these on a Friday evening club night. The top 5 made scores and the top 5 handicap adjusted scores count towards the team.

CWAA Summer League

The County of Warwichshire Archery Association Summer League consists of three rounds shot at intervals during the Summer months. These rounds are the Warwicks which we shoot on a Friday evening club night. The top 4 made scores and the top 4 handicap adjusted scores count towards the team. As these are short rounds we often combine them with a BBQ.

Selby Summer League

The Selby League consists of 5 rounds shot monthly, May to September. The rounds shot are the Short Metric for recurve and compound and the National for longbow. Made score teams can be 3 recurve, 2 compound or 2 longbows. We shoot this round on a Sunday morning.

WMAS Winter League

The West Midlands Archery Society Winter League consists of a Portsmouth round shot in each of the periods, November , Dec/Jan, February and March. These are shot indoors and the top 5 made scores and the top 5 handicap adjusted scores count towards the team.

BA Winter Indoor and Outdoor League

The BA Winter League is a national league with both indoor and outdoor rounds and separate leagues for recurves, compounds, seniors and juniors. As of 2010 the teams are made up of the top 3 scores and we enter a number of senior and junior teams for the indoor Portsmouth rounds and two recurve teams for the outdoor ‘Frostbite’ league.

Bow International League

The BOW International 70 Metre Internet Archery League is designed to enable individuals and teams of archers to judge how they are progressing, both locally and internationally. Recurve, compound, longbow & barebow archers are supported, as are individuals & teams of three. Archers shoot six 70m rounds for a team and a best of three from six rounds for the individual competition.