Local Tournaments

Some of the clubs that are located relatively close to us hold open tournaments. We like to support these clubs by attending their tournaments and a selection of them are detailed below. Some of them feature rounds at relatively short distances which are suitable for archers of all abilities and can be a good introduction to competitions. Others require you to be able to shoot the longer distances and if they are record status they often attract the top archers, but even these tournaments are very friendly affairs and attract a wide range of abilities. Almost all of the outdoor shoots have handicap adjusted awards and classification awards so novice archers should try to get a handicap and classification to be eligable for these awards. There are often team awards at many of the shoots too.

Entry forms for these shoots will be avaliable from the organising clubs web site, you can find details of other clubs in Warwickshire at http://www.cwaa.org.uk/clubs/clubs.php

Outdoor Tournaments

Meriden’s Open American

Often the first outdoor competition we attend each year, this competition is held in early April. The American is a 7½ dozen arrows round with a maximum distance of 60 yards so is suitable for most archers. Meriden also have non-standard Junior American distances. We always have a good number of archers attending this shoot.

The Shakespear Shoot at Stratford

Usually held in April, this is another event very suitable for all levels of ability. The rounds shot are from the Windsor range and consist of three dozen arrows at each of three distances. The longest distance for the Windsor is 60 yards and for the more adventurous there is the Albion which starts at 80 yards. There are also shorter distances for the juniors. We usually get a good turnout for this shoot.

The Redhill Open American

This shoot, on the Spring bank holiday at the beginning of May, is similar to Meriden’s American, but held at Wythall, Birmingham. Again, this is a very nice shoot which we always attend and they do have very nice tankards for the winners, if you are lucky enough to get one.

Meriden’s Stephanie Hall Memorial Shoot

This is a record status FITA Star so it is not for beginners, as you need to be fairly comfortable shooting at the maximum distances (90 metres for men and 70 metres for women). Nevertheless, it is a very popular local shoot, held at the end of May, and we usually have a number of Leamington archers taking part. In 2009 there will be no metric rounds for juniors.

Meriden’s Double FITA Star

In 2009 Meriden are holding a double FITA Star at the beginning of September. This is similar to their FITA Star in May except that archers shoot the round twice on consecutive days. There will be no metric rounds for juniors.

County Outdoor Senior and Junior Championships and Open FITA

This is held in July by Quantum for the CWAA, the round is a FITA / WA1440 for the seniors while the juniors shoot the appropriate metric round.

Quantum Archers Open Windsor Tournament

This tournament is held in August, this round is 3 dozen at each of 60, 50 and 40 yards, with shorter distances for juniors. We always have a strong contingent at this tournament and it is ideal for novices.

County Clout Tournament

The County of Warwickshire Clout Tournament is held in conjunction with Bowflights Open Clout each September. Clout is great fun and we have had a good turnout at this shoot in recent years.

Meriden’s Windsor Rosebowl

Usually the last outdoor open tournament we attend each year, this is held in early October. We shoot the Windsor round of three dozen arrows at each of 60, 50 and 40 yards and there are shorter distances for juniors. We always try to get a good turnout for this shoot to have a chance of winning the team prize again.

Indoor Tournaments

Only Stratford hold an indoor tournament that is really local to us so we tend to travel a bit further afield during the winter.

The Evesham Stafford

The first indoor tournament of the year is usually this one, held in October. The Stafford round is five dozen at 30 metres and we always have a good turnout for this one.

The Evesham FITA 18

Held in November, this is another tournament that some of our archers go to. The round is the FITA 18 (five dozen at 18 metres).

The Tony Greenwell Memorial Stafford

This shoot, held in November in Reddich, is a Stafford round which we usually attend.

County Indoor Championships

The Warwickshire county indoor senior and junior championships are held at the end of January or beginning of February each year in Smethwick. It is also combined with the WMAS regional junior championships. All archers shoot the Portsmouth round and we always have a good turnout from Leamington.

West Midlands Archery Society Senior Championship

The WMAS senior indoor championship is a FITA 18 held at Evesham in March. A number of our seniors usually attend this.