Indoor Shooting – a summary (Wednesday & Friday)

Indoor shooting will be starting on Wednesday 11th October in the Sports Hall at Trinity School, Guys Cliffe  Avenue, Leamington – CV32 6NB. These sessions are for seniors AND juniors. We like to start shooting at 7pm so if you can be there for 6:45pm to help get the kit into the hall it is appreciated, and please stay to help put away at the end, even if you have had enough shooting, the sessions finish at 9pm.

Indoor shooting is different, not everyone gets on with it, but you need to give it a real try, dont give up after one week. Best thing is to make sure you bring yourself a coffee or another drink, some biccies and then take a break and go chat with someone, it is not all about shooting, social side is important too.

Because there is shooting indoors, does not mean that you should stop shooting outdoors. The Sunday morning club days will still be on at the field. Also, a group shoots from the shooting shelter on Monday evenings using the flood lights so come along to this, or get in touch with other members through our facebook page and shoot down the field on another night (when shooting at night there must be at least two of you – see the club rules).

Whichever way you do it, you should keep shooting throughout the winter – yes we know it is hard to get motivated to go out into the cold. Put on several layers of insulating clothing, a warm hat and get out there – the hut has a generator and heaters, hot drinks, a microwave, gas for cooking bacon butty (there is a frying pan) etc, please use them to help keep your shooting going – you will benefit from it next April.