RLSAS “Warwicks” Handicap Challenge

What is it?

A club competition running throughout the outdoor season. The average of each archer’s 3 best handicap adjusted Warwick round scores will determine the winner.

What is a Warwick?

4 dozen arrows (2 dozen at 2 different distance—e.g. 60yds & 50yds). See the club noticeboard for details of all Warwick rounds.

Who can take part:

Everyone! It is handicap adjusted so new and experienced archers alike have a chance to win.


Any day of the week up to and including end of September 2016. Shoot any Warwick round, score it, get it signed and submit to Margaret as normal. Remember to mark the scoresheet as “Challenge”. This can include organised club shoots or any other day.

A leader board will be updated monthly in the club house and online

For any questions contact Damien Culley