BA Indoor Winter League


The ‘British Archer’ indoor league is a national league in which there are numerous divisions, each of up to 6 teams. A club can submit as many teams of 3 archers as they like and we currently have 5 recurve teams, a compound team and two junior teams. Each month we shoot a Portsmouth round and our ‘A’ team consists of the 3 highest scores with the ‘B’ team being the next 3 and so on. Each team competes against one of the other teams in the same division and points are awarded depending on the result.

Each month 2 teams compete against each other in the league (defined in the Division list), 3 points are awarded for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss (rules). At the end of the season the teams with the highest points are promoted to a higher division and the ones at the bottom are relegated. Badges are awarded to the winning teams in each division, and the lady, gent, girl and boy having the overall highest scores in the division get a silver spoon each.

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Additional BA Winter League results are available on their website.  The results are formatted in the following way: Finishing position, club name, no. rounds shot, points from wins, points from draws, points from losses, aggregate score, total points.