Archery GB Warm-up Exercises

Please remember than none of these exercises should hurt.  If you have any queries contact the club coach.
A pdf version of this page is available here.
The majority of the contents of this page are derived from the pdf and Aim 4 Sport Warm-up Exercises page.  On the Aim 4 Sport Exercise page we recommend you do not do the Lateral Neck Stretches (Exercise 12).

Exercise 1 – Forward-backward arm swings (underarm)

Start with both arms down by your sides. Keeping both arms straight and with minimal body movement, swing them both together with one arm going forwards and the other arm going backwards until both are horizontal. Then swing them back to be in the opposite position. These are big arm swings with some shoulder movement.


Exercise 2: Alternate overhead arm swings with trunk rotation

Keeping both arms straight, start with both hands above the head, then turn the chest to one side and swing both arms down in opposite directions until both arms are
horizontal, with one arm forwards and one arm backwards to get good shoulder alignment. Swing arms back to the start position, then turn the chest in the opposite direction and repeat the arm movement. Keep the thumbs pointing upwards.

AGB-WarmupExercises02AGB-WarmupExercises36AGB-WarmupExercises42 AGB-WarmupExercises47 AGB-WarmupExercises02


Exercise 3: Crucifix hand reaches

Stand with both arms horizontal and out to the side and legs slightly apart. Then bend one arm across the body and run the hand along the other arm and out to the opposite hands fingertips. Run it back along the arm and back to the start position. Repeat the movement on the opposite side.

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Exercise 4: Full lateral raises

Start with the arms down at the sides and legs slightly apart. Then keeping the arms straight, swing them out to the sides and up above the head and reach up to the sky with the arms and shoulders. Then swing them back to the start position.

AGB-WarmupExercises71 AGB-WarmupExercises68 AGB-WarmupExercises66 AGB-WarmupExercises61 AGB-WarmupExercises56

Exercise 5: Crucifix alternate internal-external arm rotation

Start with the arms out to the sides and horizontal with the palms facing forwards. Then keeping the arms horizontal, twist each arm at the same time (and in opposite directions) such that one hand & arm rotates forwards and the other hand and arm rotates backwards as far as is comfortable. Then twist back in the opposite direction as far as is comfortable.

AGB-WarmupExercises29 AGB-WarmupExercises40 AGB-WarmupExercises46




Exercise 6: Alternate arm abducted internal-external rotation

Position the arms out to the side with the elbows in line with the shoulders and the arms bent at right angles with the hands uppermost and facing forwards. Keeping the elbows at the same height, rotate one arm forwards to bring the hand and forearm to the horizontal. Keeping the elbows at the same height, rotate the arm back to the start position. Repeat the movement with the other arm.

AGB-WarmupExercises59 AGB-WarmupExercises54 AGB-WarmupExercises50 AGB-WarmupExercises64



Exercise 7: Scapula position internal-external rotation

Position the arms out to the side with the elbows in line with the shoulders and the arms bent at right angles with the hands uppermost and facing forwards (same start position as for exercise 6). Then bring the elbows down squeezing the shoulder blades together to create a W formation with the arms. Keeping the elbows in the same position and shoulder blades slightly squeezed together, rotate both forearms towards the body to bring the hands onto the chest. Then rotate both arms together back to the start position.


Exercise 8: 4 point scapula protraction-retraction

Position both arms horizontal out to the front with the hands facing each other. Then push forwards with both arms and shoulders to stretch the shoulders. Then keeping both arms straight, pull both arms and shoulders back as far as they will go to squeeze the shoulder blades together.
Then position both arms forwards pointing down at 45 degrees and repeat the arm and shoulder movement, as described in the first position.
Then position both arms pointing upwards at 45 degrees and wide apart and repeat the arm and shoulder movement, as described in the first position.
Then position both arms horizontal out to the front and repeat the arm and shoulder movement, as described in the first position.

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Exercise 9: Alternate scapula depressions

Start with feet shoulder width apart and hips and trunk strong. Slowly move one shoulder back and then down as far as it will go and feel the muscles work, then return to start position. Repeat the movement with the other shoulder.

AGB-WarmupExercises69 AGB-WarmupExercises63AGB-WarmupExercises13

Exercise 10: Behind back, across body, retraction sequence

Start with one arm straight up with the other holding the elbow, then bend the arm (that is straight) behind the head on the same side as that arm. Reach down with that arm pulling slightly with the other hand – don’t hold that position. Then move the arm across the body to the other side of the head and reach as far as is comfortable pulling slightly with the other hand – don’t hold that position. Finish with the arm miming the draw and release. Repeat on the other side with the other arm (down the back then across the shoulder then mime the draw and release).


Exercise 11: Multi plane head movement sequence

Start with feet shoulder width apart and hips and trunk strong. Keeping the body still, look down at the floor, then look up at the sky, then come back to looking straight ahead. Look left, then right and back into the middle. Tilt head left, then right then back into the middle. Repeat the whole movement once more.

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Exercise 12: Protraction reach and rotates

Start with hands linked together and palms facing you and with both arms out straight horizontally in front of you.
Then push the shoulders and arms out as far as they will go, pulling the shoulder blades apart. Then keeping the hips and trunk still, rotate the arms fully to one side then fully to the other side – keeping the back stretched. Go back to the start position and bring the hands to the chest.

AGB-WarmupExercises24 AGB-WarmupExercises23 AGB-WarmupExercises60 AGB-WarmupExercises08 AGB-WarmupExercises28


Exercise 13: Chest openers to cross arm stretch

Start with arms down and out to the sides, then swing them forwards to create a cross in front of the face. Swing the arms down and back as far as they will go then bring them back up to create a cross in front of the face.

AGB-WarmupExercises49 AGB-WarmupExercises39 AGB-WarmupExercises33


Exercise 14: Floor to ceiling

Start with legs wide apart, then by bending the knees as little as possible, bend over to place the hand between the legs and as far back as possible. Then stand up and reach up to the sky and clench your buttocks.

AGB-WarmupExercises03 AGB-WarmupExercises38 AGB-WarmupExercises44


Exercise 15: Alternate toe touch rotations

Start with legs very wide apart then bend over forwards with the arms out to the side. Rotate the chest and arms to reach across with the right hand to touch the left foot with the left hand/arm high up behind you. Then rotate the chest and arms back to reach across with the left hand to touch the right foot and with the right hand/arm high up behind you.

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